Wineally mentioned for the first time in the Press

Here is an excerpt in english from the article:
"After several years of development work, Ole Nielsen and his team have developed an advanced algorithm that easily matches food and wine. The app can be used while wine-shopping, online, in-store, and in restaurants.
Restaurant staff can also use Wineally to make appropriate recommendations to their guests, in addition to using it as an ERP system.
The app has mapped hundreds of thousands of different wines and food ingredients and is built for a global market.
Wineally has entered into a partnership with the international sommelier association ASI, to help ensure that the restaurants - where their members work - achieve greater profitability. In addition, according to Ole Nielsen, the service gives many of the organization's approximately 45,000 sommeliers the opportunity to increase their income.
For wine merchants, we also offer digitization of all wine data management. In addition, you can get digital access to your hotel and restaurant customers' wine cellars and sales."

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